How To Track Alcohol


It is Friday, it has been a long week (my goodness has it ever), and you are probably looking forward to some solid unwinding time.

Maybe a little take out, some Netflix, and probably a nice bottle of red wine or a cocktail.

This is a pretty normal occurrence for many of us, and one of the great things about a more flexible approach to nutrition is that you can definitely factor in a Friday night drink into the mix.


How do you track it? What is alcohol?

Is it a fat? Is it a carb?

Do I track it as protein?

Well, the answer is all of the above, but also, none of the above.

Confusing? Don’t worry, we explain exactly how to track alcohol in our latest NutriWiki article!

Just dive in for a quick 2-minute article and you are set for tracking alcohol for the rest of your life!