Is Macros Inc Coaching Right For You?

Is Macros Inc coaching right for you | Macros Inc

Do I need a Macros Inc coach to reach my goals?

Do you? That is the question, indeed! 

In this article, I’m not going to try to convince you to sign up for Macros Inc coaching. This will not be a sales pitch, nor will I make promises of magical things happening should you decide to hire one. Instead, I’m going to guide you through some things to think about & consider that will allow you to arrive at your own conclusion about what’s best for you.

Why People Choose to Hire a Coach

The first thing to do is to ask yourself the following questions:  

  • What do I currently struggle with?
  • What are my goals?

A lot of people hire a coach because they lack consistency in their dieting efforts. Others hire a coach because they lack sufficient understanding of nutrition & health. Others hire a coach because they don’t know what needs improvement. They wouldn’t even know where to look in the first place. They have no support or guidance. 

But here’s the big one: people often fail to lose weight on their own because they’ve created a lifestyle around habits & behaviors that are not conducive to achieving their goals.

Phrased another way: your current actions and behaviors do not align with the actions & behaviors required to get you to where you want to be.

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When Macros Inc Coaching Can Help

So, once you’ve identified the things you struggle with and you’ve identified your goals, the next questions to ask are:

  • What would I want to get from coaching?
  • If I did have a coach, what would I want my coach to do for me?

People who lack consistency hire a coach for the accountability so they can stay on track. Others hire a coach to deepen their understanding of nutrition & health so they’re better equipped for the rest of their lives. Others hire a coach so they have someone to report to daily and/or weekly, someone to submit their progress to, and someone to give them feedback so they know what needs to be worked on.

The bottom line is that people hire a coach because they want help in some way, shape, or form. And they recognize that a coach can provide that help.

Think of it like this: a coach will show up to practice every day to coach the players. And the players who want to be coached will show up to practice to be coached. They’ll put in the work, their coach will point out areas for improvement, the players will work on the needed areas of improvement based on their coach’s guidance, and the player will improve. Rinse & repeat this process until you’ve mastered your craft.

Michael Jordan had a coach. Tom Brady had a coach. Tiger Woods had a coach. 

Even the best of the best had coaches. 

One of the reasons they became the best is because they were insatiably hungry. Their quest to be the best meant they were willing to seek knowledge & expertise from whoever they could; whoever was going to help them improve their game. They used every resource possible. Coaches are a big resource. 

So…now that you’ve had a chance to consider the aforementioned questions & points, I present to you one final question to consider: do I need a Macros Inc coach to reach my goals?

Do you? That is the question, indeed! 

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