Thriving at 50: A Client’s Story of Macros Inc. Coaching


A few years ago since being peri-menopausal, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and struggling with debilitating anxiety relating to numerous physical injuries and PTSD after a long policing career, I literally hit the wall! And, to add salt to the wound, a miserable soul destructive sedentary job thrown in the mix, just about did me in!

My inability to lose weight was no joke, it took 2.5 years of discipline, consistency and patience to get to my goal weight while following a lower carb, high protein diet. And, when I got to my goal weight, it was seriously no joke to then maintain it…it was ridiculously hard, in fact, the process was so much harder than it should have ever been. But, I just dug deep and stayed on track day in, day out.

I was determined to find a way to maintain the weight I’d worked so hard to lose, and have a lifestyle that was sustainable…not so restrictive and miserable.

In August 2019 I started tracking Macros on my own, just through My Fitness Pal. I educated myself and did a lot of research. But, I was so restrictive with my food, I was not comfortable eating any food I considered ‘bad’ or ‘not clean’. But, I did manage to maintain my weight over a three month period during recovery and rehabilitation following a Total Knee Replacement, where my movement and exercise was limited.

When I commenced strength training again mid December 2019, I lacked the education and knowledge to know how to adjust my Macros accordingly. I was back weight training 3-4 times a week, loading the new knee joint with weight, and although I was getting stronger and my body composition was changing, my macros were way off. I was in a surplus, and I didn’t know how to adjust them accordingly. As months went by, I started to feel bulky and uncomfortable with the 6-7kg I had gained. I desired a leaner and more defined appearance.

As my 50th birthday was approaching mid July, I wanted a sustainable lifestyle that was all about flexibility, so I decided to reach out to Macros Inc solely for nutrition coaching.


Late April 2020, I was paired up with a Macros Inc. Coach. We hit it off straight away. Bec was everything I needed and was looking for.

Now four months into coaching, training and tracking macros in a caloric deficit, I couldn’t be happier, leaner, more defined and prouder of my achievements and effort. I am so much more confident in all aspects of my life. It really was the best decision I have ever made. You can only get so far on your own, it’s the fine tuning, knowledge and support of my coach Bec, that I needed to take me to the next level. I cannot speak highly enough of Bec, she has a fantastic and relatable personality, always avails herself, is super encouraging and supportive.

Now 50, and I am truly thriving!

I am in the best shape ever.

I am the leanest I have ever been.

I am the most defined I have ever been.

I have more vascularity than I have ever had.

I have a much healthier relationship with food than ever before.

I am more relaxed and in control around food and social events.

I have come to realize there is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food…and have learned how to indulge in food and be totally at peace and in control of my feelings surrounding the choice of food.

This all comes down to discipline, consistency, patience, learned behaviour, and a strong and informed mindset achieved with the assistance of Macros Inc. Nutrition Coaching.

I am currently in last stage of a caloric deficit, and look forward to learning from my coach how to reverse diet into maintenance. I can’t wait to be able to maintain whilst building muscle and retaining a lean physique, in a sustainable way that makes me happy.

MY ONLY REGRET….not knowing about Macros Inc. Coaching and Flexible Dieting sooner, it has enriched my life beyond words.


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