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The internet is an amazing thing. It contains all of human knowledge, and is right at your fingertips. But, to quote Uncle Ben from Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility”. We know how difficult it can be to sort through bad information and find good information so we put together a resource of health and fitness websites you can trust! We think we are pretty great, but we know we don’t hold all the answers so we want to make sure you can use other resources too!

  • Bodyrecomposition – covers a wide range of topics, including dieting, exercise, supplementation, and critical thinking. This is the personal blog of Lyle McDonald.
  • Muscle & Strength Pyramid – The muscle and strength pyramid website is the home to a series of articles and books that cover the basic fundamentals of training.
  • JISSN – This is the home of the leading peer-reviewed journal in the sports nutrition field, the Journal of the International Society of sports nutrition. If you search through it carefully, you might notice some of our coaches are authors on the papers in there.
  • Strength & Conditioning Research Review – This is the home of the National Strength & Conditioning Associations peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of strength and conditioning.
  • Sigma Nutrition – Sigma Nutrition is the webpage of Danny Lennon and his team. They run one of the most premier evidence-based podcasts in the nutrition space and offer additional educational content and training.
  • Strengtheory – This is the website that houses the hosts of the very first fitness podcast ever, Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler. They produce written and audio content on all things strength related. Rumor has it that Lyndsey Nuckols and Oswald (the dog) run the show.
  • NutriSearch – Imagine Google, but indexed for nutrition science. We love it. It is an exceptional engine to find high-quality nutrition science information.
  • – simplifies nutrition and supplementation — through meticulous analysis of the latest scientific research — to help answer your questions on how to be healthier.
  • USDA Food Database – a database that houses the largest public repository of nutrition information on foods.
Health and fitness websites you can trust
We consulted the Credible Hulk for the procurement of this list.

Want to check out a list of health and fitness experts you can trust? Just visit our article on that, right here!

Want us to include other websites on our list, email us at [email protected] and include “health and fitness websites you can trust” in the subject line and we will review the source.

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