Macros Vs Calories

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macros vs calories

Should I count calories or track my macros? Is it really about macros vs calories… or perhaps they are one and the same? This NutriWiki will give you a clear, concise answer to this question.


When you count macros, you are counting calories. Just more detailed. Tracking macros vs calories gives more detailed control of your weight loss or gain. It may also be more important for athletes to track their macros vs calories, whereas some people might benefit more from just tracking calories.


A calorie is just a calorie*, and you can count just calories to lose weight or gain weight.  Calories in vs Calories Out (CICO) is what determines weight gain or loss.

When we track macros as opposed to just calories we can determine: where that weight comes from (muscle or fat), if we need to adjust your macronutrient allocation to improve your training and recovery, and we can ensure that you are getting enough dietary protein.

CICO = weight loss or gain
Protein = Body composition/muscle building
Carbs = Performance
Fats = Hormones

You can use our macro calculator to find your macros for free.

*Not all calories are created equal, but for most people, that doesn’t really matter

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