MI Transformation: From Low Confidence to Competition Ready


We caught up with Amy, one of this year’s incredible winners of our 2023 MI Transformation Challenge to find out what winning truly means to her, the journey that led her to Macros Inc., and we discuss the inner tug-of-war she felt before she finally dove into coaching after a Black Friday deal nudged her to take the plunge.

Amy reveals the challenging personal battles that almost derailed her and the unwavering resilience that she discovered that kept her on course to reach her bodybuilding dreams.

This is more than just a physical transformation though – Amy shares with us the details of how this journey has changed her mindset, overhauled her lifestyle, and reignited a confidence that’s radiating in every aspect of her life.  So grab a coffee, and dive into this inspiring story:

See Amy’s Impressive Transformation Through Macros Inc Coaching

Amy, firstly, congratulations on being one of this year’s winners! What did it mean to you find out that you had won? 

It meant a lot to me that my hard work and effort did not go unnoticed, enough people voted for me to get me into the top 5. I am honored but also hope I have inspired others to take control of their health too.

How did Macros Inc. first catch your attention? 

I found the Facebook group many years ago before I even knew about macro dieting. I had tried so many diets that the idea of flexible dieting ever working seemed unbelievable to me but I became very interested in the group and what was discussed.

So, what motivated you to choose Macros Inc over other options out there?

I did research many options before joining Macros Inc. It was the client testimonials and coach support online that convinced me to join. I compared the coaching costs to other companies as well and MI was competitive with their pricing structure and the black friday sale helped that even more!

Did you have any particular worries or reservations before jumping in? If so, how were they tackled?

Yes, the price and how it would be of value to me. I wondered how not getting a meal plan would be worth a monthly coaching cost. I wanted help but didn’t know exactly how it would benefit me. After reading more from the amazing team on what MI does for their clients, I took the leap and I was proven wrong!

What were your first thoughts when you kicked off your journey with Macros Inc?

Things moved fast. I met my coach online and he was so supportive and took time to fully set me up and explain the process. The dashboard was clean and easy to navigate. It was above my expectations. Such a professional and supportive environment which allows for a no-fail plan.

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You were assigned Coach Colt – how did he help you in your journey? 

Colt has been a huge support since day one. He listened to my goals and is always super quick to get back to me. He understands my setbacks and doesn’t judge and yet still reminds me of my why. He supported my stage plan prep and followed me to the stage with all the tools I needed and is always providing excellent support.

Were there any particular parts of the Macros Inc program that you felt were game-changers for you?

Check-ins! The accountability factor here is huge. Always being aware that you have that commitment to yourself and your coach is key. I logged each workout and my nutrition daily and doing that kept my goals in front of me and held me to my own goals and commitments.

Did you encounter any bumps in the road with Macros Inc? If so, can you tell us how you navigated through them?  

I lost a friend and a family member and it temporarily derailed me mentally and physically and this was during stage prep too. My coach was like a therapist at this time and helped me overcome such a difficult time while still hitting my goals. I’m so grateful.

What impact did the Macros Inc community and available resources, like the client portal, have on your experience?

So much. Being in a community that understands and also is on the same journey is such a resource. If I had a question it was easily answered in the group. I could post my progress and have so many beautiful comments and if I ever needed email support the customer service team is FAST!

So, tell us Amy because we’d love to know, what results have you achieved on your transformation journey with Macros Inc.?

I lost 48 pounds since joining my coach. I’ve lowered my resting heart rate, lost so many inches around my waist and thighs, I have a better relationship with food and my bloodwork is now perfect as per my doctor! I also sleep way better and my stress and anxiety are less.

How have these amazing results impacted your life and well-being?

It has changed so much for the better. I am a better mother, wife, friend, employee. I feel good again and have confidence back. I also learned and continue to learn so much from my coach and the group. I have a great outlook when it comes to navigating holidays and events now too.

What are the most significant changes you’ve noticed since starting with Macros Inc?

My anxiety has lessened. And as I mentioned before, my relationship with food has improved. I used to be a binge eater and serial dieter and now I can eat what I enjoy and still have the body I want. It has been helpful for my mindset and how I view food.

How would you sum up your experience with Macros Inc. in a nutshell?

I would highly recommend joining MI to anyone wanting to change their life and needs the support and accountability that having a personal coach will bring. Looking back on Christmas 2022, joining the coaching was the best decision I made. It has been an amazing experience.

If a friend asked, would you recommend Macros Inc. to them?

Absolutely! Because it works!! I have had coaches in the past and meal plans and done diets and nothing comes close to the progress I have made with MI. They set you up for a lifetime of success not just a quick fad. It is such a great value for what you get!

Do you have any additional comments or stories you’d like to share about your experience?

Just that I can’t thank my coach and the company enough for their continued support. And after my bodybuilding show that my coach coached me to, they were all so supportive. Feels like a family!

Wrap Up

We loved chatting with Amy about her journey with Macros Inc. Her transformation inside and out, is seriously inspiring. Overcoming personal challenges and achieving such incredible results is a testament to her strength and the support she found in the Macros Inc. community. 

And let’s not forget Coach Colt – he’s been Amy’s rock, guiding her through the ups and downs. It’s proof that the right support is an absolute game-changer. Amy’s journey isn’t just a physical makeover; it’s an epic story of bouncing back, finding herself, and her confidence.

If Amy’s journey has ignited a spark in you to take the plunge, don’t hesitate. We’re right here, ready to support you on your unique path to transformation! Big thanks to Amy for sharing her incredible story!

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