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Minimum Fat Intake

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What is the minimum fat intake?

Short Answer

Ideally, you’re getting 0.25g/pound minimum. However, when dieting properly, a diet isn’t forever. Typically, your minimum fat intake is set at 15-25% of total calories during a diet. Once the diet is over or you’re taking a 1-2 week diet break (once every ~8 weeks) fats should be increased to at least 0.3g/pound if they were below that.

Long Answer

As long as you’re getting enough EFA’s in you’re fine. Minimums per the ISSN are 0.22g DHA & 0.22g EPA per 2000kcal. While those are the minimums, a good recommendation is to be at 1.8g of DHA & 1.2g of EPA / day (most likely via fish oil supplementation).

There is no actual established dietary minimum fat intake. While there is a potential for harm, no one knows where that threshold lies.

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