MI Transformation: Teri’s 150-Pound Triumph with Macros Inc


Meet Teri, a remarkable 59-year-old Research Analyst and a winner of our 2023 MI Transformation Challenge. In an exclusive interview, we delve into the heart of Teri’s journey, discovering what winning means to her and the role Macros Inc. played in her transformation.

Beyond the results and numbers, we explore the personal hurdles she faced, including an ongoing battle with illness, and the unwavering support she found in her Coach Melody.

Teri candidly shares how her lifestyle shift has impacted not just her body but also her confidence and self-control. Don’t miss this tale of resilience and conquering the fear of failure – it’s an inspiring journey you won’t forget!

Teri's 150 lbs weight loss photo

Firstly, congratulations! What did being one of the winners mean to you?

I hope it shows others that if I can do it then they can do it too!

How did you first learn about Macros Inc?

I first heard of Macros Inc through the Facebook group. 

What motivated you to choose Macros Inc. over other options?

I could see that Macros Inc. was different.  Nobody else gives all that free advice!  So supportive of each other and it just made sense to me to join the group. 

Did you have any worries or second thoughts before jumping on board? If so, how did we manage to ease those for you?

After seeing how supportive they were to everyone, I had no concerns. 

What were your first thoughts and feelings when you first joined Macros Inc.?

I was scared of failure.  I think that everyone is scared but having someone in your corner who is rooting for you just makes all the difference. 

You were paired with Coach Melody – how did she support you along the way?

My coach gave me grace.  I’ve got an illness that sometimes shows itself and I’ve got to listen to my body.  The coach was so supportive and didn’t push me to do the things I just couldn’t handle at the time.  She showed me how to be okay with just doing the bare minimum to keep going.  That meant the world to me!

What parts of the Macros Inc program really clicked for you? Any favorites?

Overall the support.  You’ve got to learn how to be open and honest.  Ask for help when you need it.  My coach sent random videos with advice that I could relate to. 

Did you face any challenges during your time with Macros Inc? If so, how did you get past them? 

I had to have treatments for my illness and my coach kept me accountable for keeping my eyes on my goals.  Not letting my illness win.  She kept me going forward. 

What impact did the Macros Inc community and available resources, like the client portal, have on your experience?

The portal makes my coach accessible. I’m able to get answers to my questions almost immediately.  The support is very important!

So, tell us Teri because we’d love to know, what results have you achieved on your transformation journey with Macros Inc.?

I have lost a total of 152 pounds.  I can now squat 40 pounds.  All my weightlifting numbers have gone up tremendously! 

How have your results made you feel and how have they impacted your life and well-being?

I can move without losing my breath!  I am starting to run again!  I can walk fast to keep up with my dog!  I want to do more things.  I don’t want to just sit and wish I could do things I want to do. Now I can get up and do them!!!

What are the most significant changes you’ve noticed since starting with Macros Inc?

My overall attitude.  Me being happy in my own skin. 

How would you sum up your experience with Macros Inc. in a nutshell?

My journey has shown me that I’m not weak.  I am strong.  I am in control of my own destiny. 

If a friend asked, would you recommend Macros Inc. to them?

I have recommended and will continue to recommend Macros Inc.  Again, the support you receive WITHOUT paying for a coach just shows how much the company cares about each individual.  Once you get a coach it’s even better!!!

Lastly, do you have any final words you’d like to share with your coach? 

Thank you so much for believing in me until I believed in myself!

Wrap Up

Teri has achieved some seriously impressive results, but it’s not just about the numbers. The real win for Teri is the happiness she has found within herself and in her own skin, her journey of self-discovery, and the feeling of finally being in charge of her destiny. Coach Melody’s unwavering support has played a crucial role in Teri’s success as she has remained by her side through thick and thin.  We are so thankful to Teri for sharing her story and showing us how resilience and a little self-love can be truly transformative.   

If you’ve been inspired by Teri’s story and would like to know a bit more about Macros Inc and the coaching packages we offer, why not schedule a 15-minute, no-obligation call with one of our team today?  Or take the plunge and sign up for our free 14-day trial to see if we are the right fit for you! 

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