Low Fat

Low-Fat Monte Cristo

Low-Fat Monte Cristo | Macros Inc Recipes

Our low-fat take on the Monte Cristo sandwich is the ideal lunch option if you are craving something slightly sweet but savory, and extremely delicious! This sandwich is next-level and won’t derail your macros. Discover more recipes like this in our cookbook! Want to see more macro-friendly recipes like these? Sign up below and we’ll […]

Tasty Tuna Grain Bowl

Tuna Grain Bowl | Macros Inc

If you’re in the mood for a tasty, macro-friendy lunch, you’ll love our Tuna Grain Bowl! Packed with protein and super simple to whip up. This bowl is a delightful blend of two cans of tuna in oil, pre-cooked rice, sliced red bell pepper, chickpeas, black olives, and capers, all tossed together for a perfect […]

Hit the Spot Mini Pepperoni Pizza

Mini Pepperoni Pizzas | Macros Inc

Are you looking for a tasty lunch or snack option that won’t ruin your macros? Our mini pepperoni pizzas are just what you need! They’re made with a crispy English muffin base and topped with yummy pizza sauce, part-skim mozzarella cheese, dried oregano, and turkey pepperoni. Plus, they’re only 100 calories per muffin, so you […]