How Hidden Calories Can Stall Your Weight Loss Progress

how hidden calories can stall your weight loss progress | Macros inc

Hidden calories can often derail our efforts to maintain a healthy diet, especially when we overlook seemingly insignificant sources of calories. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of hidden calories, uncovering common culprits, and providing practical tips to eliminate them from your diet. Understanding Hidden Calories Hidden calories refer to those calories […]

The Science Behind Easy Fat Loss: A Guide to Your Metabolism and How You Burn Calories

The science behind easy weight loss | Macros Inc

Introduction If you’re looking to improve your physical health and achieve your fat loss goals, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll explore the intricate relationship between metabolism and fat loss and provide valuable insights and guidance based on our decades of experience as coaches. Losing Fat is Easy When You Know How […]

How to Deload Effectively for Muscle Gain and Performance

How to deload for muscle gain

By Calvin Huynh – Macros Inc Coach Understanding the Need for Deloading When you first started lifting, getting stronger was easy. You could slap on an extra 5 lbs or pump out more reps each week. Life was good, you were making solid, steady gains each week. Unfortunately, this pace of progress could not  last […]